• Origami Dripper Navy
  • Origami Dripper Navy
  • Origami Dripper Navy
  • Origami Dripper Navy
  • Origami Dripper Navy

Origami Dripper Navy

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Big in Japan! And slowly taking over the world. These beautifully designed Origami dripper's are a big hit in the Specialty Coffee scene and that is for good reason.

Just like all the good stuff from Japan, the Origami dripper's are made with great attention to detail. They are fabricated from traditional Japanese Mino ceramics. The 20 identical folded ribs are perfect for the wet coffee particles to expand in during blooming. The extraction has a clear path down through the wide opening at the bottom resulting in a very clean and tasty brewed cup of coffee.

The Origami dripper's can be used with several types of paper filters which all have their own effect on taste. Used with the Kalita wave 155 filters it wil result in a cup with slightly more body and sweetness. And used with the original Origami cone shaped filters it will bring a more clean and a slightly enhanced accidity. 

The Origami dripper comes with a separately sold wooden ring to hold the dripper in while brewing. You will find them here.


  • Made from traditional Japanese Mino ceramic.
  • Useable with several paper filters al to achieve a different tasting cup.
  • Size S, making up to 2 cups of coffee. 
  • An absolute art piece in your brewing cabinet.
  • A wooden ring is needed to hold the dripper in place while brewing.