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Peru - Toterani

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Junín, Chanchamayo, Perene
6 farmers in the Toterani valley
1500 masl
Caturra, Catuaí, Catimor
Caramel Fudge, Red Apple & Honey


Toterani is one of the valleys of the Perené river, in the Chanchamayo province, region of Junín. This region grows quite a lot of coffee but mostly in the lower specialty grade scale and plenty of it Certified (Organic, Fairtrade…). We could say Junin has traditionally been a region focused on volume coffee. 

This lot is made possible today thanks to the work of buyer and Q-Grader, Dula Julcarima, who got to know a few interesting producers in this valley during her work at the Cooperativa Perené back in 2011. She kept in touch with them after she left because she knew they had the mindset and conditions to grow good qualities. Dula’s goal has always been improving the qualities of the farmers she works with and this was the perfect setup for this. Out of the 6 producers that compose this lot, 4 of them have been working closely with her to change fermentations and control processes to increase scoring points and thus obtaining more money per kgs of coffee.

Just to give an example, last year’s harvest was the one they worked together and their coffees scored between 80 and 82 points with a 12 hour fermentation process in parchment in open air tanks after picking. This second year, they implemented a longer fermentation time: 18 to 24 hours and increasing 2 points in the SCA cupping grade, up to 84+ With the cup increase, it also comes with a higher price paid per kgs. These producers also used to sell their crop to intermediaries at much lower prices, now they bring their own coffees directly and get paid a higher fee for that.Enjoy!