• Colombia - Jairo Torres
  • Colombia - Jairo Torres
  • Colombia - Jairo Torres
  • Colombia - Jairo Torres
  • Colombia - Jairo Torres
  • Colombia - Jairo Torres

Colombia - Jairo Torres

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Huila - San Augustin
Jairo Torres
1670 m
Caturra, Castillo
Stone Fruit, Almond, Milk Chocolate


Coffees to make you feel good, we al need them. This washed Colombian coffee does just that. The easy going flavour profile is beautifully balanced and gives you an aftertaste that makes you want  to brew another shot. A hug in a cup. 


About the farm

Jairo and Andres Torres are father and son. Jairo bought the El Mirador farm in 2004 and his son Andres joined, starting his own plot called Terra Nova. The whole family is involved in the management of the “finca”. The wife of Andres prepares the food for the workers whilst his brothers take care of maintenance on the farm. His father focusses on post-harvest processing, washing and drying the coffee. In the off-season there are four employees helping the family out on the farm, but during the harvest season there is work for more than 20 workers. 

Andres and Jairo create awareness among their employees to not dump garbage in the coffee plantations. The coffee cherries are treated in pits before they decompose it. After decomposition and the cherry biomass is dried out, it is used to fertilize the crops. The Torres family also separates their waste. Glass and plastic are taken to the collection center located in their village.
It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that these farmers can make a significant increase on their ordinary earnings, which enables them to develop their land further.