• Bright Espresso Box

Bright Espresso Box

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'Which coffee would you recommend for espresso?' is by far the most asked question we receive. 'Well, it depends' is often our answer... but we get it, that's of course not what you'd hoped to hear. That is why, from now on, we offer you two espresso tasting boxes. 

The world of coffee is awesome, there are so many coffees to choose from and they all come with their own flavor characteristics. We all have our own preferences, and through our tasting boxes you'll discover yours!


In this Bright Espresso Box you will find our best selling full bodied espresso's:

  • Ethiopia - Sakicha, a medium bodied coffee with notes of meyer lemon, cantaloupe and honey
  • Haven Blend, a medium bodied coffee with notes of praline, dried fig & brown sugar