Guatemala - Maria Jobita

ORIGIN - New Oriente, Guatemala
FARM - Las Morónches y Margaritas
ALTITUDE - 1.700-1.900 m.
VARIETY - Pacamara, Pache, Typica,
Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon
PROCESS - Washed
FLAVOR - Plums, Almond & Cane Sugar
Maria Jobita is the second generation of producers on this farm. The farm started with 114 manzanas (1 manzana is approximately 0,7 hectares), and has slowly grown into the size it is now. The owner of the farm, Maria Jobita, migrated to the United States and with her savings from there she managed to run her farm. Now that Maria is back in Guatemala, she was interested in working with the farm and her heritage in Coffee.

When she returned, 3 years ago, she had to invest a lot into the plantation, with pruning, new plants, fertilization and shade management. She does not have a wet mill, so importer PrimaVera purchases the coffee in cherry from Maria and processes it at their family farm – Finca El Hato, which is only 1 hour away.

She delivers excellent ripe cherries every week to that wet mill that they de-pulp, ferment for 18 hours and then sun dry in cement patios for 6 – 8 days.

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