Kenya - Guama

ORIGIN - Kenya
REGION - Kirinyaga
ALTITUDE - 1600 -1800m.
VARIETY - SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian, SL-28
PROCESS - Washed
FLAVOR - Blackberry, Papaya & Tropical Fruits

This jammy and fruity Kenyan coffee is produced by several smallholders located around the small town of Guama in the Kirinyaga district. The coffee is processed at the Guama factory which is part of the Baragwi Cooperative Society which is well known for consistently producing some of the great coffees of Kirinyaga.

The soil here is rich volcanic and sandy soil giving the coffee its distinctive Kenyan taste. The trees flower during February and April for the main harvest which is from October to December. 

In Kenya, the dry mills also known as the processing factories are very professional and efficient. Coffees in Kenya are offered in various bean sizes. From biggest to smallest; E(Elephant beans), AA, AB, and PB (Peaberries). We did go for the AB selection.  

It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that these farmers can make a significant increase on their ordinary earnings, which enables them to develop their land further.


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