Kenya - Karimikui

ORIGIN - Kirinyaga, Kenya
ALTITUDE - 1.500-1.700 m.
VARIETY -  SL 28, SL 34 Peaberries
PROCESS - Washed
HARVEST - 2017
FLAVOR -  Blueberry, Tangerine & Cookie

Registered producers deliver their cherries to Kagumoini. The central factory, then wet processes the coffee in typical Kenyan style. The cherries are sorted on maturity and processed separately per quality group. The coffee is depulped and ferments for up to 24 hours.

Next, the washing station staff washes the coffee by pushing it through channels with water. This step already sorts the coffees on bean density through flotation. The heaviest qualities sink while floaters go all the way to the end of the channel. The highest qualities soak for an additional 24 hours in clean water before going out to the drying field. The coffee dries on raised beds for an average of 10 days.

When the coffee reaches 11% moisture content, Kenya’s registered marketing agents take the coffee to the weekly auction. In this auction, registered buyers can bid on the coffees they liked. Each buyer can take samples from the auction’s sample room to evaluate in his own lab, a week prior to the auction.

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