Uganda - Chigalagala

ORIGIN - Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda 
ALTITUDE - 1500-2000m.
VARIETY - SL-14, SL-28 & SL-34
PROCESS - Natural
FLAVOR - Chocolate, Cherries & Brown Sugar

The first ever coffee we have bought from Uganda.
Uganda is well known for the production of Robusta's but with this Natural processed coffee they proof to make very tasty Arabica's as well. 

Natural coffee's are complex, they tend to be fruity and bold and so is this Chigalagala. It has a distinctive ripe red fruit flavor, cherries and strawberries, but has a very interesting acidity as well. It's a complex and full bodied cup with a thick jammy mouthfeel. 

The coffee is processed at a modern drying station focused solely on naturals. The name, Chagalagala, is something our importer Nordic Approach came up with for the coffee based on a flavor profile rather than tied to a specific location.
Most farmers that contributed cherries are part of a buying program in parishes (local villages) around the Kasese area and are working with less than 1 hectare at 1500-2000 masl. They  grow a mix of varieties, predominantly SL14, 28 and 34, as they do in Kenya

The cherries are dried in thin layers to stop further fermentation, and built up over some days to layers between four to six centimeters. The coffees are moved frequently and they will be covered during the hottest hours of the day to protect the cherries from intense sunlight, then again at night to protect against humidity. This creates a slow and homogenous drying process which adds to the coffee’s quality. Drying naturals with this method and in this environment takes between 15 to 20 days.

There is no doubt Uganda has great potential for quality coffee. Specialty coffee in Uganda is in its infancy and quantities are limited. It will take some time and ground work before we will see any large volumes. The existing coffee market means that the premiums we pay are a significant increase on the price farmers normally earn, and that our customers get a fantastic quality for the price.


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