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El Salvador - Don Ovidio

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El Salvador
Alotepec Metapan
El Trompillo
Blackberry, Red Grape & Oolong Tea


Jose Ovidio Flores Landaverde, who goes by Don Ovidio, is a coffee producer who grew up around coffee. At around the age of 15, he already started working with his father in the fields, but this was interrupted by the devastation of the Salvadoran Civil War. In 1990, Don Ovidio established his first coffee farm (and fortunately, two years later, the country signed its peace accords) and decided to focus on quality coffee production at high altitudes.

During the initial 5 years, the family did everything manually, including operating their coffee depulper by hand. As the years passed, Ovidio and his family learned how to improve their quality, planted Pacamara seedlings, and began experimenting with washed, honey, and natural coffee lots. Today, Ovidio takes pride in being the father of 4 children and is a staunch advocate for preserving the beautiful natural environment of the region and protecting nature. 

The farm name, El Trompillo, is derived from a native tree that is common in the Alotepec-Metapan coffee region.

Pacamara seedlings are a specific variety of coffee plants. This hybrid originated from crossing the Pacas variety with the Maragogipe variety. 

  1. Pacas: This is another coffee variety originating from El Salvador. Pacas coffee trees have smaller leaves and produce high-quality coffee beans. They are disease-resistant and thrive at high altitudes.

  2. Maragogipe: This variety is known for its large bean size. The Maragogipe bean is remarkably large and has a unique flavor. It is a mutation of the Arabica variety and is often referred to as the “elephant bean” due to its size.

  3. Pacamara: By crossing Pacas and Maragogipe, the Pacamara variety is created. This hybrid combines the best traits of both parents: the disease resistance of Pacas and the large bean size of Maragogipe. Pacamara coffee is renowned for its complex flavor profile and is often appreciated by coffee enthusiasts.

It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that these farmers can make a significant increase on their ordinary earnings, which enables them to develop their land further.