• Milenio Process Pack

Milenio Process Pack

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The Milenio is relatively new variety. It is a cross breed between the varieties Sarchimor and Rume Sudan. The Milenio has a very good cup quality at growing elevations above 1300 meters and is well-adapted to agroforestery conditions.
It is a F1 Hybrid variety. These varieties are created by crossing genetically distinct parents (for example, a wild Ethiopian variety x Caturra). The offspring of the cross are first-generation (F1) hybrids. F1 Hybrids are notable because they tend to have significantly higher production than non-hybrids, maintain high cup quality ideal for the specialty coffee market, are disease resistant (need significantly less agrochemicals) and almost are the hope for a sustainable future in the coffee industry!

This box contains both the Red Honey and the Natural process, a great opportunity to see what processing can do to a coffee!