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Ethiopia - Harbegona

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Heleph Coffee
Mixed Local Varieties
Stone Fruit, Melon, Floral


Sidamo (also transliterated as Sidama) is a region, a tribal group, and a massive coffee producing agricultural area that encompasses smaller growing regions such as Yirgacheffe and Guji. However, coffees that are labeled as “Sidamo” are typically sourced to the northwest of Yirgacheffe, and usually come from one of the large co-ops in the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. There are 51 co-ops in the Union, and many have created well deserved reputations for consistency over years of production. These large co-ops often represent thousands of farmers, and cup profiles from Sidamo can be widely varied.

This lot of coffee underwent Washed processing. Freshly delivered cherries are pulped in an Agard pulper before being fermented for 12–14 hours and sent through cement washing channels to remove the mucilage from the parchment. Coffee is then moved to raised drying beds where it is spread by hand into thin layers to ensure even drying. After being dried for 10–12 days, the coffee is kept in the storehouse until it is milled and prepped for export.

About the farm

This coffee was grown by local outgrower contributors to the Heleph Harbegona Bochesso Maleko washing station in the Bochesso Maleko kebele, or village, in the Sidamo growing region of Ethiopia. Farmers grow local Heirloom varieties, including sub-varieties 17158 and 74165, and bring their cherries to the mill where they are weighed, logged, and processed. The Heleph Harbegona Bochesso Maleko washing station was established in 2020 and currently exports up to 3 containers of Natural and Washed coffee annually.