• Sage Barista Pro
  • Sage Barista Pro

Sage Barista Pro

Normale prijs €692.00

The Sage Barista Pro is all about pricision. The incorporated grinder grinds and doses  automatically acourding to the used filterbasked. The termojet PID is controlling the temperature within a variance of 1 degree Celsius. 

All combined makes it makes this Barista Pro espresso machine a very good one for the home barista with ambition. 


  • 9 bar brewing pressure
  • 93 degrees Celcius brewing temperature controlled with the Thermojet PID
  • LCD display for extra presision
  • Comes with a single and double filter basket (dosing up to 22grams)
  • Manual steam wand (can be used after brewing, not simultaneous)
  • Available in colors stainless steel and black