Brazil - Classic Blend 1KG.

ORIGIN - Minais Gerais, Brazil
PRODUCER - Various
ALTITUDE - 1.100 m.
VARIETY - Various
PROCESS - Natural
FLAVOR - Roasted Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate

The Diamond isn’t called the Diamond for nothing. This is about the closest one can get to a perfect quality cup of coffee. How so? The Diamond is awarded with the NY2 quality mark, which refers to the number of defects allowed in the green beans. Our partners employ strict sorting standards that ensure few-to-zero defects remain by the time these beans reach you. 

The Diamond’s quality measures are so strict that they assure that there are no more than 4 visible beans with defects in a 200 gram sample. How is this possible? The Diamond bean has the second-largest possible bean-size. The large, consistent beans are between 6.75 and 7 millimetres. This small variation among the beans makes it easier to roast all beans to the exact same level. 

The secret is all about the screen sizing, which is part of the final milling process in preparation before bagging and export. The milled green coffee is introduced to a large machine composed of multi-tiered tables. Each of these tables has a screen that’s placed on top of another. In Brazil, the first screen has wires slightly less than 8 millimetres apart. When the green coffee enters the machine, the tables vibrate, and all beans smaller than 8 millimetres fall through this screen, on to the next screen.

Each next screen size is slightly smaller than the previous. The beans are shaken until all the smaller ones fall through. This process is repeated several times until the smallest size, 5.5 millimetres is reached. Beans are separated and graded according to the screen they did not fall through. Using this method, the Diamond achieves a great consistency in size, which makes roasting far more consistent. 

It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that these farmers can make a significant increase on their ordinary earnings, which enables them to develop their land further.


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