Brazil - Natalia & André Luíz Garcia

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ORIGIN - Brazil
REGION - Campo das Vertentes, São João del Rey
FARM - Jaguara
ALTITUDE - 1040 m.
VARIETY - Mundo Novo Pea Berry
PROCESS - Natural
FLAVOR - Milk Chocolate & Hazelnuts

In our Introduction to Coffee course you will learn that a coffee cherry normally houses two coffee beans. But sometimes you will just find one. We call that bean a Peaberry as it looks like a pea. Although it is rare to find a Peaberry anywhere, it is even more uncommon to have one from Brazil. 

At the Jaguara farm the Peaberry is separated from all the other beans and natural processed, meaning that the coffee beans are dried in its cherry to boost sweetness body and complexity. 

It was the favorite coffee on the cupping table during a recent sample tasting. With a distinctive notes of hazelnut and milk chocolate it is destined to be a great coffee for everyone. We love it as a filter, but it does taste great as an espresso as well!

The farmers at Jaguara are concerned about sustainability, using technologies that cause low impacts on the environment. It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that these farmers can make a significant increase on their ordinary earnings, which enables them to develop their land further.


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