Brazil - Capricornio

ORIGIN - Paraná, Brail
FARM - 20 Famers in the Four Seasons project
ALTITUDE - 450 - 1200 m.
VARIETY - Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Obatã, Topázio, Arara, Red Icatu, Grape (IAC 125), Acaiá, Ouro Verde, IAPAR and Mundo Novoí
PROCESS - Pulped Natural & Natural
FLAVOR - Chocolate, Raisins & Walnuts

Luiz Saldanha and his partners established Capricornio to breathe new life in five regions in the southern states of Paraná and São Paolo, Brazil, which until the 1960s, were one of the country's most vibrant coffee producing regions. Due to terrible frosts and the rise of the major coffee regions up north, its production stagnated, leading many coffee farmers to move north, leaving their farms underdeveloped. Now, due to climate change, these regions have become attractive to farmers again, but hardly anyone saw specialty potential.

That is until Capricornio found 20 passionate farmers and started the Four Seasons project: they helped them turn their farms into modern, ecologically sustainable farms and process their coffees to the highest standards. Now, they have started to show what these coffee regions have to offer the specialty coffee world. Because of its uniquely low latitude (around the tropic of Capricorn at 23ºS), coffee here endures more stress while developing. This leads to large, slowly ripened cherries with surprisingly complex cup profiles, similar to what happens at higher altitudes. We were impressed not only by the coffee's cup quality, but by the company's achievements in processing and creating coffees in close cooperation with specialty roasters and experts (such as Aida Battle) worldwide.

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