Colombia - Monteblanco Double Fermented

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ORIGIN - Colombia, Huila
PRODUCER - Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia
FARM - Monteblanco
ALTITUDE - 1730m.
VARIETY - Pink Bourbon
PROCESS - Cold fermentation
FLAVOR - Cherries, Grapefruit and Almond

Our roaster, Skip has found two fantastic coffees he used in his Dutch Barista Championships run we wanted you to share with you. 
Both coffees come from Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia's farm Monteblanco in Huila, Colombia, but are processed differently. 

The team at Finca Monteblanco, led by producer Rodrigo Sanchez in La Tocora de San Adolfo, Huila, Colombia has a savvy system for harvesting and processing coffees. Climate change has turned Colombia’s once concentrated harvest into a nearly year long affair, with cherries on the same tree ripening at different times and the harvest across the farm coming over the course of many months.

To make the most of the full harvest, the folks at Monteblanco measure the degrees Brix of each lot of cherries as they come off the trees to determine the sugar content. Based on the amount of sugar in the coffee cherries, Monteblanco uses a protocol — established through years of testing, trial, and error — to designate the appropriate processing for each lot.

28 - 32 degrees Brix — Double Fermentation

Cherries ferment for 36 hours in a tank and are then depulped and left to ferment an additional 44 hours before being washed and transferred to shaded beds to dry for 28 days. Double Fermentation increases the time the bean is in contact with the sugars from the cherry, ideal for coffees with a slightly higher Brix content than those destined for Natural processing.

The goal of Double Fermentation is to bring out the sweetness and complexity of the coffee. As long as the cherries do not exceed 28 degrees Brix to begin with, the first fermentation phase of the Double Fermentation process can increase Brix readings by as much as 4 degrees Brix, provided that the pH does not drop below 5 and disrupt the equilibrium between body and acidity.





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