Ecuador - Arnaud Causse

ORIGIN - Pichincha, Ecuador
FARM - Las Terrazas Del Pisque
ALTITUDE - 2000 m.
VARIETY -  Blend of varieties
PROCESS - Natural
FLAVOR - Darjeeling Tea, Sticky Fig & Fermented Fruit

Although (geographically) not the most obscure place to grow coffee, you don’t see much specialty coffee from Ecuador. 

This isn’t because of poor quality. In fact, Ecuador has fantastic growing conditions, with diverse varieties and farming  produces some exceptional coffees. 

So why? Ecuador is a small country with low production and high production costs. Sadly, It’s also the result of economic instability and younger generations migrating. 

Therefore this is an important origin for Stooker to source coffee. Alongside that, this coffee is incredibly complex and unique. 

We only have a small amount of this special edition coffee. Available for a limited time only.


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