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Peru - Tres Vecinos

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Huancayo, Santiago de Oropel
Three neighbors; Enrique, Eleuterio & Mario
2100 - 2200 masl.
Typica & Bourbon
Sun dried raisin, Vanilla & Almond


We sample roast and cup new coffees regularly, but it is rare to find such a sublime delicate coffee on the table like this one. 

This micro lot coffee produced by three neighbors; Enrique, Eleuterio and Mario, is a great example of how delicious a washed specialty coffee could taste like. A cup with great balance, juicy sweetness and a long lingering aftertaste. 

About the farm

Like many othergrowers in this region, Enrique, Eleuterio and Mario have small coffee plots in production. Up to2009/2010, there wasn’t much production of coffee in the region. But because of outbreaks of plagues in maize and beans, people started to plant some more coffee trees as an alternative source of income. Before that, coffee production was not of any great significance to the families around Santiago de Oropel. Nowadays, an approximate of 45 hectares is planted. The coffee harvest already starts in the month of May and can continue up to October. This long harvest period could possibly be explained by the dramatic temperature changes, the rains, relative humidity and solar radiation.

The three neighbors are members of the association AAVAPA (Asociacion de Agricultores del Valle Pauran), together with 18 other members. They started to focus on improving the quality of their coffee four years ago. They are far away from any bigger town or city in the province and struggle with the high transportation prices to get their coffee to the nearest market. Selling their coffee against commercial market prices doesn’t therefore make a lot of sense. Yet, having their farms in such a unique micro region and coffees with a completely different flavor profile than other coffees from the Central coffee region of Peru, they would be crazy not to try and enter the specialty coffee market. And so some people from the group participated two times in the Cup of Excellence competition, making it to the national selection.

It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that these farmers can make a significant increase on their ordinary earnings, which enables them to develop their land further.