A reccuring event for you, the coffee enthusiast, where new and exciting things in coffee will be discussed, tasted and challenged. Organised by Dan Dunne, hosted at the Stooker Specialty Coffee HQ or anywhere this show takes us. You are invited.

This edition’s show is a celebration of our academy. Like most things social, the academy was asleep for the last couple of months. Now, with our new head-of-training Dan Dunne in charge, we are reviving it with twice the dedication and energy.

Join us for a sensory-based challenge that can win you a free spot at one of our SCA certified courses.

We had planned to host the upcoming Variety Show on October 21st from 19.00 to 20.00. Because of the current partial lockdown we have postponed the event until further notice. Tickets can still be reserved.
We have a limited amount of spots available. Please reserve yours by ‘buying’ a ticket or by signing up at our Kastanjeplein location!

See you soon!

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