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Born out of lockdown, The Morning Brew Project is the result of striving for something positive during a difficult time. 

A big part of Stooker revolves around education. Normally we’d be busy teaching SCA courses, barista workshops and training wholesale partners. Coffee is social - in every single way! 

This has been challenging, with the horeca partly closed, social distancing, limited numbers in groups and, of course, wanting to be responsible and follow the guidelines. 

Not wanting to stop doing what we love, we put our heads together and challenged ourselves to think outside the box to develop achievable projects that allow us to reach out to you during lockdown, and hopefully even when it ends.

We eventually broke it down to a few simple questions:

  • What do people miss or can’t do during lockdown? 
  • What can Stooker offer? 
  • How to do it? 

    What do people miss or can’t do during lockdown? 


    Coffee plays a big part in many people’s lives - it's a way to kickstart the morning, to catch up with friends or take a break from work. Some enjoy it for the craft and science, and others simply for that familiar flavour and aroma….The list goes on. But one thing's for sure: coffee brings people together. And that’s exactly what we wanted to explore. 

    Increasingly, more of us are working from home and less able to visit our favourite cafes. So, we put our questions to the test to find out what we miss most. It’s friends, colleagues and the hustle and bustle of the office that one misses, the coffee breaks, chats and laughs with others - no surprise there. 


    What can Stooker offer? 


    We noticed that those working from home are spending more time and attention to making better coffee at home. This is a wonderful thing, but it lacks the social aspect. And that’s where Stooker comes in: by bringing the coffee break to you! 

    And that’s how the Morning Brew Project was born. 


    How to do it?


    The concept is simple:

  • Sign up
  • We send you brewing equipment (V60 dripper/ decanter/ filter papers/ scoop) and 250g of Stooker specialty coffee in the post 
  • Everyone comes together at a specific time and date for an online brewing tutorial with Stooker
  • We enjoy a morning coffee break together! 

  • The Morning Brew Project so far has been a hit! We have hosted groups of 4- 100 people at a time and all have been great fun! 

    If this is something you or a group of friends/ colleagues are interested in, please contact

    Watch the video below for more information :)


    Dan Dunne - Head of Education at Stooker Specialty Coffee