You have your own hospitality concept. You have a vision about what your enterprise should look like, how it should feel for the guest and how your team is going to work together. You have a drive  to offer products that you are excited about presenting to your customers. Maybe you serve a leg of lamb from a local farm, or a piece of sourdough bread with poached egg, or a Thai chicken soup of which you take stock yourself. 

That focus on quality and the ability to distinguish yourself could be represented in the coffee you serve as well. At Stooker you are not simply a customer, you enter a collaboration. Together with the people in your team, we work towards developing an amazing product. Stooker will teach them the to tell the story of the product, how to extract the beans optimally and how to foam the milk perfectly.

Ready to lift the coffee level in your cafe or restaurant to the next level? Contact us by mail or by calling +31 (0)20 737 17 14 to make an appointment.