• SCA - Introduction To Coffee

SCA - Introduction To Coffee

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Introduction to Coffee is an ideal module for everyone just beginning to explore the coffee industry or those with a keen interest into this lovely beverage. We follow coffee on its journey from the origin of Ethiopia to being one of the most drank beverages in the world today. From sowing to picking of the cherries, through the processing methods used at farms, to the roasting of the beans and finally preparation. In this module we'll dive into the entire cycle through which coffee goes before it ends up as the liquid gold in your cup. This course of half a day also includes a "cupping" which shows you the large differences in flavor profiles, that coffee has to offer. 

- The history of coffee
- What is Specialty Coffee?
- Which kinds of beans exist?
- The differences in harvesting and processing techniques
- The effect of different roasting methods
- The tasting of coffee through an official "Cupping" protocol

Training: 3 hours
Exam: 45 minutes

Minimum: 3
Maximum: 6

Theoretical, at the end of the day

Included in the costs are:
- Reader
- Usage of machinery and ingredients

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