• Latte Art Workshop (English)

Latte Art Workshop (English)

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A heart or a tulip in your cappuccino makes it taste just that little bit better. Did you know that you can easily achieve this at home with your own espresso equipment?

It all depends on the texture of your milk.

We're going to teach you how to consistently create perfect milk ‘microfoam’ with a home espresso machine and a professional espresso machine. We will then practice pouring techniques so that you can create a heart, tulip or rosseta yourself. And pay attention, it really is easier than you think.

What can you do after this Latte Art workshop?

* You know which types of milk are best for making Latte Art.

* You create perfect milk foam every time.

* You know which jugs are best for serving the most beautiful patterns.

* You know what moves to make at the right time.

* From now on you can steal the show with every cappuccino you serve.

Never used an espresso machine before?

Then it is smart to delve into it first. Making coffee is an art, but after our Home Barista Workshop you will see that it is actually very easy to make good coffee.

Experienced Baristas

This workshop is designed in a way that works for both novice and experienced. Beginners will keep to to more simplistic patterns, where the experienced can experiment with advanced patterns 

The workshop is given by one of our experienced Barista Trainers, who also provides our professional SCA certified training courses. They have a lot of experience as a barista and know how to teach you the tricks of the trade in a simple way with useful tips and tricks.

Workshop specs

Location: Stooker Specialty Coffee Academy, Kastanjeplein 2 in Amsterdam

Duration: 2-2.5 hours

Costs: €75 per person

Participants: minimum 2, maximum 8

Language: English

Would you like to come with a group? 

Are the dates advertised are not suitable for you?

Please email academy@stookerspecialtycoffee.com