• Sensory & Brewing Workshop (English)

Sensory & Brewing Workshop (English)

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Know what you like and why! 

Want to learn more about coffee and develop your sense of taste and smell? 

Join us for the Sensory and brewing workshop. Here you will learn about coffee as an organic product, from farm to cup. We’ll explore origin, species, processing and all things that impact the character and flavour of coffee

Also, we’ll break down flavour with taste and aroma exercises to train and improve your palate

Finally, you will be taught how to brew a V60 filter to a ‘recipe’

After taking the course you know: 

  • What type of coffee(s) you like and why
  • How to set up a cupping 
  • How to detect flavour notes in coffee
  • How to brew a basic V60 using a recipe 


Workshop specs.

Location: Stooker Specialty Coffee Academy, Kastanjeplein 2 in Amsterdam
Duration: 2-2,5 hours
Cost: €75,- per person
Numbers: minimum 2, maximum 8
Language: English
Do you want to come with a group? mail us to arrange!