• Home Barista Workshop (English)

Home Barista Workshop (English)

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There it is, your new shiny espresso machine. And you resolve to only drink good coffee from now on….But how much ground coffee should actually be in that filter basket? Do I have to buy ground coffee? How finely should it be ground? Can I use regular tap water? How long should my espresso brew? And where can I actually buy good coffee?

Making really good coffee is easy...

...If you know what you are doing. We will therefore show you in an easy way how to make the tastiest espressos, cappuccinos, flat whites and lattes by following a simple step-by-step plan and answering all your questions. We're going to show you that making really good coffee is easy.



What can you do after this home barista workshop?

* You now know what to look for when you buy coffee, so that you will only drink good coffee.

* You know what a good recipe is for a tasty espresso, cappuccino, flat white or latte.

* You know how to adjust your espresso machine and grinder so that the recipe comes into its own.

* Don't have a mill yet? Then you now know why a coffee grinder will be a good next investment

* From now on you know how to froth your milk properly every time.


Don't have an espresso machine or grinder yet?

Of course you can also follow this home barista workshop if you do not yet have an espresso machine and/or grinder. We can also tell you what you should pay attention to when you plan to buy an espresso machine or grinder.



Experienced Baristas

The workshop is given by one of our experienced Barista Trainers who also provide our professional SCA certified training courses. They have a lot of experience as a barista and know how to teach you the tricks of the trade in a simple way with useful tips and tricks.


Workshop specs

Location: Stooker Specialty Coffee Academy, Kastanjeplein 2 in Amsterdam

Duration: 2-2.5 hours

Costs: €75 per person

Participants: minimum 2, maximum 8

Language: English

Would you like to come with a group? 

Are the dates advertised are not suitable for you?

Please email academy@stookerspecialtycoffee.com